How my body told me I need to Juice Fast again & become Vegetarian …

Daja Shandrielle .

photo 2Truthfully, these last few months have been somewhat of an eye-opener both mentally and physically. After my first juice fast that lasted 60 days I experienced such a great change in my body I continued to include juicing in my day-to-day life. As life would have it, the junk and meat gradually … okay, let me stop storying; quickly returned into my diet. I must have had the worse upset stomach problem of my life. Even eating boiled eggs was a problem. My body just has never been the same. On top of that, after including all the foods I’d already been eating before the fast, I have been diagnosed with illnesses and problems I’ve never had before. (i.e. Uterine Fibroids) I believe my body is trying to tell me something. It’s funny how the body works. It will send you signs to let you know “

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