Eating healthy…what does it mean?

health and fitness for dummies

Hi guys,


You see it all over the internet, you see it all over your favorite tv show ( I know you like Dr oz), it’s all over the magazine and on you facebook and twitter feed…HEALTHY EATING, HEALTHY RECIPES, HEALTHY FOODS…But you are wondering what it all means?

What is healthy foods? what makes it healthy or not? is it the calories amount, the sugar amount, the fat amount? So many questions that have your head spinning your way to the closest Mc Donalds for dinner!

So let’s try to make it clear for you so that next time you go grocery shopping, you feel a little more comfortable buying the stuff that you know is good for you, not just because it says it on the box but because you know that it is!

First set yourself and your family up for success whit these easy tips

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