Food Challenge Day 190!

Saddleback Valley Girl


Tonight my husband had a work dinner and my oldest is gone. I am on a determined quest to drop 8 pounds before the end of May, so I took full advantage of the fact that it was just a few kids and me tonight. They had pepperoni hot pockets for dinner and I had a Lean Quisine meal. I was able to control my caloric intake with ease today. I was an expert at this last year, however, this food challenge, although it has been fun, has not been kind to my waistline. I started out trying to make fun, interesting and tasty dinners since I could only make it once during the year. So, making something low in calories was not on my mind. Now, six months later and only halfway through the challenge, I am needing to rethink my strategy. Gaining a pound a month is not…

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