Move of the Week: Yoga Burpee With Dumbbells

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Grab a pair of dumbbells between 2 and 10 pounds and try this exercise from Health‘s Contributing Yoga and Wellness Editor Kristin McGee.

The yoga burpee works your entire body and gets your heart rate up. It’s a powerful, compound exercise that starts with the traditional burpee—yes, including a push-up!—and adds on alternating dumbbell rows, a bicep curl, and an overhead press.

Here’s how to do it: Holding the dumbbells, squat down and place the weights on the ground. Step or hop your feet back into a plank and engage your abs as you lower down into a push-up. Press back up, then row the dumbbell with one arm and lower; then repeat on the other side. Step or hop your feet forward, come to standing as you do a bicep curl, then finish by pressing the weights overhead. Lower the weights back to start. That’s…

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Hill Killer Apparel Co.


Check out Baltimore-based company Hill Killer Apparel for awesome cycling jerseys, accessories, and other gear. Many of the jerseys are Maryland and Charm City-inspired but you’ll also find ones from different cities as well as licensed and original designs. They’ll even work with you to create custom apparel. My absolute favorite is the Baltimore Purple Retro jersey in the photos below. I wear it all the time, even when I’m not cycling or doing anything close to fitness. Ha!


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Dopey Training Weeks 4 & 5

Purple Running Pug

Before I get into my summary of weeks 4 & 5, I am excited to announce that we were able to book our resort for Disney Marathon Weekend last week! I had been waiting and waiting to be able to book. Disney hadn’t been letting their bookings go beyond December 2014 on their website. I saw another friend post that she reserved her room last week and discovered that I was able to too.

When we first looked into it my husband and I had zeroed in on a value level resort. In previous years, we had stayed at Disney’s Coronado Springs resort. This is a moderate level resort, however half our room was paid by Team in Training. Since we are staying a full week, we determined that it was too expensive to stay at a moderate resort. I had stayed at an All Star resort before (Disney has…

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