“What is the best cardio I can do at the gym?”

The Nutrition Ninja

imagesOne of the most common questions I get asked especially from new clients is “What is the best cardio I can do at the gym?”  The true answer is “The one you’ll actually do!” 

I say that because all too often people have the best intentions to improve their cardiovascular endurance only to quit a few days or weeks later because:

  • They don’t get the results they thought they would or
  • They realize it’s HARD if they do it right or
  • They find it boring

Are there some that I think are better and more effective than others?  Sure, But the truth is even going for a slow walk is better than just sitting on the couch. If you can find something that you enjoy doing and it will keep you motivated to keep going then DO IT!   That said there are some forms of “cardio” that I feel…

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