Dehydration from sitting on a plane ? Yep, it happens. Tips to avoid dehydration on your travels

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It is important to keep our bodies hydrated on a daily basis, but it is particularly important for all of you fellow travelers-explorers-adventurers; we want to make sure our bodies and our wallets are extending to the limit, which is why it’s important to avoid things that cause dehydration especially if you are heading out to the unknown. Sometimes we don’t even know we are dehydrated, dehydration has been to the minimum but it accumulates and when we do realize we are dehydrated we are too late to keep going without rest or medication so learn to listen to your body and needs.

Exploring takes up much of our energy and hence our water level comes down as well, if you’re taking a long hike, a surf class, even if you are just out walking around the city or getting on a plane, our bodies get dehydrated easier because of the ever…

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