X-citing Benefits

Training and Gaining

For the next 26 days (at least) it is my intent to review, foods, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, etc. that are the ideal of health and nutrition for each letter of the alphabetical. And since I have OCD tendencies and like to shake things up a bit; we’re going backwards so they’ll be in alphabetical order as we scroll down the blog – bear with my idiocentric ways.

X – Factor

This may be a bit of a stretch for an X launched food but there is rising proof that Xanthan gum has many benefits besides an amazing food stabilizer.  Chewing gum between meals helps produce salvia that adds in digestion and keeps pearly whites, well, white.  It also can be a distraction to a growling stomach and ward off munchies to a “growling mind” with little or no extra added calories, sugar, or caffeine. According to chewinggumfacts.com, “Psychologists say, the chewing gum can help…

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