This Vs That



With all the choices in the world it is very hard to make the right choice. Sometimes, what is bad is sooo tempting and oftentimes they are often more appealing to the eyes, to the taste, etc.

It is even harder when it comes to food. We often get cravings. I know I do. When I crave for something sweet, it is easier to just grab a chocolate bar from my kids’ stash. Carvings fulfilled! Wrong! If I had given in to these cravings my waistline would have been doubled by now.

But guess what?! Cravings can be fulfilled! It may not be as tasty but it is better for you. Better is the key word. To live a longer life not riddled with sickness and medications, make the right, better choice.

Here are a few examples of simple right choices:

Eat This              …

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