Exercise to your goal: What is your goal?

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Whats your goal

In an earlier blog,‘Choosing the right exercise program for you’, the first thing I said to do, before choosing a program, is to decide what you want to achieve. The program you choose will depend on whether your goal is building muscle versus losing body fat versus getting fit. Choosing your goal will help you focus on exercises that will best suit your body type and how your body reacts.

I Want To Get Fit

Getting fit is different to getting into shape. What is the difference? Simple. Getting FIT is working on your internal mechanics, whereas getting into SHAPE is changing your external attributes – in other words, your physical appearance. Although they are two different things they can directly affect each other. Hence why fit people usually look good too. But don’t be fooled, you can look good but not be fit at all.

Hombre atleta corredor ejercitando.corriendo

To get…

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