On Doing Push-Ups: Push it, Push it Some More

Push up Tina Fey butlercat.tumblr.com

Looking back at my life when I was still a certified couch potato, I’m definitely much stronger now. And though I’m physically active, I’m still not strong enough to do regular push-ups properly and struggle-free. It’s really aggravating. Grrrr!

But this Girl Does Push-ups For 100 Days video below is very inspiring. She’s incredible! Makes me want to also do a 100-day push-up challenge:

Oh, push-up, why are you so mahirap (tough)?! If she can do it, I can, too! Bye now.

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Is 100% Real Fruit Juice as Healthy as it Seems?

The Mom in Me, MD

child drink the fruit juice

With childhood obesity numbers soaring off the charts, many parents are more in tune with what their children are eating and drinking. French fries are being replaced with sweet potato fries and fruit cups, chicken tenders are getting the boot from their healthier grilled self, and sodas are being upgraded to real fruit juice. But, is this upgrade to juice really an upgrade at all?

Even though juice comes from fruit, it is still loaded with sugar and extra calories. Unfortunately, many parents think that this is a healthy option for their kids because of all of the vitamins and minerals juices offer. What they don’t take into consideration is that a single serving of fruit juice has far more calories from sugar than eating a piece of fruit (more than double, actually). And, while chewing an apple actually burns calories, swallowing a calorie-laden beverage like juice doesn’t give your…

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Spoiled Fresh

the bridge to ben

Day 34. Farwell home cooked meals. I know this is extremely stereotypical of me, but nothing beats my mum’s food. She is a brilliant cook. Not matter what she is preparing, what ethnicity or inspiration; it’s always good. Always the best.

She even does salad better than most. I’m grateful too, because it allows me to continue to eat well and maintain my healthy lifestyle even whilst sick.


Truth: I know what you’re thinking, spoiled. But as much as I fight her on not making me lunch or letting me help, she one ups me and has it completed. And you know what? Im going to bloody miss being so spoiled!

Side note: will miss the State of Origin for a Moving to the UK seminar. Why do I do this to myself?
Will provide an update on the seminar when I can.

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‘Bionic pancreas’ for Type 1 diabetics passes key test; study finds better blood-sugar control


By Marilynn Marchione


Scientists have made big progress on a “bionic pancreas” to free some people with diabetes from the daily ordeal of managing their disease. A wearable, experimental device passed a real-world test, constantly monitoring blood sugar and automatically giving insulin or a sugar-boosting drug as needed, doctors said Sunday.

The device improved blood-sugar control more than standard monitors and insulin pumps did when tested for five days on 20 adults and 32 teens. Unlike other artificial pancreases in development that just correct high blood sugar, this one also can fix too-low sugar, mimicking what a natural pancreas does.

The device was developed at Massachusetts General Hospital and Boston University. Results were featured Sunday at an American Diabetes Association conference in San Francisco and were published online by the New England Journal of Medicine.

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“I’m very excited about it,”…

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Apps for your weight loss

O'Connor Health Group

With the amount of apps that exist nowadays, there’s an app for everything. How effective are they? Do people actually lose weight? Can they maintain their healthy weight? There’s been a lot of research and here are some of the results.

Participants had a bigger change in their habits when the app offered daily tips and alerts to stay on track. Participants had more weight loss when the app offered a tracking system for calories and diet. The research shows that there is a relation between the use of mobile apps and weight loss.

1. Fitocracy -Free

If you have a competitive edge, this app is for you. Log your food and exercise to help you stay on track. This app allows you to connect with others using the app, trainers and coaches around the world. This allows for the trainers and coaches to give you many tips and tools…

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5 Foods That Can Cheaply & Organically Replace Your Expensive Chemical Peels

Health Be A Hippie


It’s FOOD for your FACE.

‘Nuff said.

1. For a soft and even-toned complexion, snack on a handful of walnuts 3 times per week. The essential minerals (e.g. potassium, magnesium, calcium), Vitamin B, and omega-3 fatty acids found in these crunchy munchies soothe inflamed facial tissue and fight stress break-outs. A daily topical regiment of warm walnut oil (1 tbsp.) is also ideal for moisturizing dry, flaky (AND sensitive) skin.


(image courtesy of hudabeauty.com)

2. For a wrinkle-free and glowing complexion, try plain Greek yogurt (mix with fruit and stevia to sweeten) for breakfast. The lactic acid, probioticscalcium, and Vitamin D found in this protein-powerhouse reduce aging and discoloration, while exfoliating beneath the surface. A weekly topical regimen of Greek yogurt (2-3 tbsp.) and olive oil (1 tbsp.) is also ideal for a deep cleansing facial mask.

greek yogurt

(image courtesy of fitsugar.com)

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CDC: Number of US diabetics continues to grow, now more than 29 million have the disease


By Mike Stobbe


NEW YORK — The number of Americans with diabetes has increased again — now more than 29 million people have the illness.

That’s an increase of about 3 million from three years ago.

In new report released Tuesday, federal scientists calculated that more than 9 per cent of Americans have diabetes — or 1 in 11 people. The report estimates that about a quarter of them haven’t been diagnosed yet and don’t know they have diabetes.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention used a 2012 national survey and other data to come up with the new numbers.

Diabetes is a disease in which sugar builds up in the blood. The most common form is tied to obesity, and the number of diabetics has ballooned with the rise in obesity.

More information from the survey can be found courtesy of…

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