Nutrition is a full time job

Tri for Dad

My training planImage today was to swim at Oakland University then run about 3 mi through the campus. Problem was I didn’t fuel correctly. I know better. I just didn’t have the time to get it all together before I ran out the door. During my swim I could feel my motor running out. Instead of 14 – 50m laps, I reduced down to 10. When my body started shaking I knew the run was out of the question. Once out of the pool I was happy that I had my protein shake with me to get some calories into my system! At home, I pulled out my salmon, rice and veggies (prepared ahead of time) and ate away!

I’m realizing more and more that nutrition is a full time job! My trainer likes to say you have to give your fitness 100% and your nutrition 100%. (it’s not the…

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