Future Business of CrossFit

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After a long day of work I was vegging out browsing through the interwebz and noticed, well at least on my Facebook feed, another spike of commotion about CrossFit. Articles praising it and articles damning it all at the same time.

Then you got all these people on social media posting pictures and clips of themselves doing compound lifts and showing their blisters from doing crazy amounts of pull-ups. There is definitely a feud going on within the fitness industry between professionals about CrossFit.

You have two sides:

“CrossFit is the best thing ever so Fuck You!” and “CrossFit is the worst thing ever so Fuck You!”

I’ve held my neutrality as a professional for a while but if you know me on a very personal level you would know that I have a strong disdain for the common CrossFit mentality. Note that I said mentality.

It’s pretty stupid and…

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