Eat clean to get lean


The next step in the process of releasing my 6 pack from the depths of my body fat is to eat really clean. I eat pretty healthily anyways but I’m ramping things up now as I need to shed some body fat (not necessarily weight) to show off the muscles I’m trying to sculpt. I don’t want people to read this and think “oh here’s another girl who just wants to be skinny and lose weight”. No. That is not me. I fully agree with posts I’m seeing on instagram and pinterest that say stuff like:

Be Strong


skinny is not sexy

Eat good food, exercise regularly and respect that body. You’re only going to get one so make it the best you can. So yeah, I do eat pretty healthily anyways but I usually don’t say no to a bit of cake or some biscuits if they’re about so for the next two weeks…

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