Blender Babes 21-Day Green Smoothie Challenge

Beautiful Health


A few weeks ago, I stumbled across this 21-day green smoothie challenge and as I had already decided to start having smoothies for breakfast, I thought I might as well do something structured and with the support of over 2,000 others who had signed up for the challenge.

I was very excited about this because there’s a Facebook group where I could communicate with others and receive support and advice during the challenge, and there was a structured schedule with free shopping lists and recipes to follow.

Best of all, I managed to complete the full challenge and finished it on Friday. I’ve certainly noticed differences in my health, including clearer, softer skin and a flatter stomach.


The above image, from the Blender Babes website, summarises the benefits of the smoothie challenge. While on this challenge I noticed I didn’t crave sugary foods at all. While I don’t think I…

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