How I Lost 10 Pounds- The HEALTHY Way

Hey everyone!

I just uploaded a video to my YouTube channel about how I lost ten pounds in a very healthy and balanced way. As you know from my previous post, my diet has improved drastically and I am feeling great. I wanted to share my video with my blog followers so that my weight loss strategies can help or inspire any of you trying to shed a few extra pounds! 🙂

You can watch my video here:


My key points covered in the video about how I lost weight:

1. Drinking water- The benefits of drinking water are endless. It keeps you hydrated, flushes out your system, keeps you feeling fuller by taking up room in your stomach and making your food expand, can diminish “the munchies (when you’re not really that hungry, you just feel like snacking),” leaves you feeling more satisfied after meals, and is a zero…

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