What are the major health issues in the US regarding mental Health?

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Stethoscope on American Flag with Selective Focus. Mental health is something that one needs to worry about as well.  It’s something that can silently kill a person and it’s something that seems to be shoved down everyone’s throats these days.  There are ways to take care of it but one of the first key reasons is the actual prevention of it by making sure that one actually knows the mental health problems in the US and what they can cause a person to do.  It’s important that one knows the risks and other such things so that if they feel this way they can get help.  But there are natural cures for this as well, and it’s something that one doesn’t think about.  Well along with telling the major health issues in the US , one can also get the natural cures for it as well.

The first one, and probably the one that many people don’t realize…

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