Health Benefits of Soccer

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I love to play soccer and recently I have been considering all the benefits that it provides:


Health Benefits:

  • heightens aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health (some mid-fielders run up to 10km a game!)
  • lowers body fat and increases muscle tone
  • builds strength, flexibility and cardio and muscular endurance
  • increases muscle strength
  • increases bone health
  • provides effective interval training due to varied walking, jogging and sprinting
  • improves coordination


Other Benefits:

  • enhances your ability to develop teamwork
  • encourages sharing (I work as an infants soccer coach and have noticed that as the kids begin to understand the game/sessions more they significantly develop their sharing skills!)
  • teaches quick thinking
  • increases concentration and self discipline
  • teaches commitment as you are part of a team and must be present at games and training sessions
  • it is FUN
  • you can do it socially and meet new people or use it to catch up and exercise with…

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