Vancouver high school student develops simple HIV test that could save thousands of lives

A 15-year-old high school student in Vancouver has developed a new way to test for early-stage HIV that could make a big difference in the fight against the virus.

Nicole Ticea may only be in Grade 10 but her idea is sophisticated beyond her years. Using a tiny pinprick of blood on a lab chip, the test could quickly and easily tell medical workers whether people are infected with the virus, which would be particularly useful in places where advanced medical facilities are rare.

A Simon Fraser University grad student who was mentoring Ticea instantly saw the potential of her idea.

“Nicole’s work really made me realize what a big difference a fast easy-to-administer test for early stage HIV infection could make in prolonging, if not saving, thousands of lives in developing countries,” said Gursev Anmole.

With Anmole and SFU professor Mark Brockman as the teenager’s advisors, Ticea has…

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