Proper Nutrition – a must for seeing results in your workouts!


Well, this post is directly in line with the reason I have not written for awhile. I have been “away” from this blog b/c I am preparing for my Fitness Nutrition Specialist Exam as well as teaching many more classes than usual. I have been having a great time teaching and learning, but have really missed blogging, so I plan to be more consistent now!

Throughout my nutrition study, it has become more evident to me than ever what an important role good nutrition has in our workouts and overall physical health. This may seem obvious in a way, but the way our bodies respond to exercise is GREATLY affected by how we fuel it. My life mantra of everything in moderation has never been stronger especially when it comes to nutrition and fitness. We need the good fats, the complex carbs and the proteins!

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I have been asked many…

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