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Cleaning up this shit show

I’m constantly talking about diet, exercise, the body, and harmful chemicals in the environment. And although I drive a cross over, and not a Prius, or drink a beer, and eat french fries and red meat on occasion, and not salads all day everyday, health is my favorite topic to talk about. Like until I get anxiety over it. Then it gets weird.

I’m obsessed with health and reading about food, exercise, and healing and helping yourself. I am always taking (small) steps towards making my family healthier. It’s pretty much our go to topic around here. 

When talking about our goals, wether it be health, food, fitness, or education, we always close the conversation with “We’ll get there” or “We’re on our way to it” which is true, and we do get to where we want to be…eventually.

I’ve decided that from now on I will be…

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