Training Week 11: 80% Diet 20% Exercise

The Tomato Tree

So far I have lost 6 pounds and gained one pound of muscle.

1)The results would be more dramatic if I stuck to the diet 100% which I still haven’t done.

2) 6 pounds is an accomplishment. The thing is, losing weight, the right way, takes dedication and time. Beating cravings doesn’t happen overnight. Learning to prepare food ahead of time and stay accountable, doesn’t happen overnight. Especially for someone like me, who doesn’t naturally follow diet rules or sometimes general rules for that matter.

3) To get results you have to follow a nutrition plan. All the personal training or group exercise in the world won’t pay-off unless you change your diet, which to me, is the hardest part.

For the last month of this training program I plan on adhering to the diet. I am pretty nervous about it but I know I can do it.

For those of…

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