Do “Diet” Drinks Really Make You Gain Weight?

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diet drinks

“Diet” and “Low Fat” foods have been named some of the most misconstrued and dangerous items in our supermarkets today. Clever marketing techniques and flashy sales pitches persuade you to buy in an attempt to lower your waist size and eat healthier. However how healthy are these products really? We will go into a little more detail over the next few weeks on the so called healthier food options, but in this article we will be focusing on the diet soft drinks.

There are many conflicting studies citing the effects of diet soft drinks on your waist size and body fat levels, but many athletes and dieters still consume them to help curb their cravings and get them through the harder days that dieting has to offer, yet still get themselves in incredible condition. So can they really be that bad for your waistline? Unfortunately the answer is a bit…

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