Spring Into Color, On a Budget!


Ahhh.. warmer weather. The little joys we find from packing away winter layers to opening windows and breathing in spring’s aromas are especially appreciated after a long winter.  Weather changes come hand in hand with changes in seasonal produce, and it’s now time to take advantage of fresh fruits and vegetables available in grocery markets and from local growers. Have you noticed the produce section of your own supermarket springing to life with new shades of color, from powerful reds to fluorescent yellows and greens? Springtime and summer produce add unbeatable flavors to dishes and often natural sugar-sweetness to recipes. As an added bonus, these new arrivals pack strong immunity boosters helping to prevent everything from heart disease and strokes to regular digestion.

Let’s take a closer look at the spring colors emerging around us.


Know what’s in season-

Even if you are on a strict budget, which…

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