Splurges… Friday Fun…

Z Life Homestead

I was talking with one of my customers this week about the things we will splurge on and the things we wont.

She was asking me about my hairdresser.  The hairdresser that I went to 6 months ago and got my hair cut for the first time in 5 years.  It was a wonderful experience, he is the perfect mix of personable and professional and gave me exactly what I asked for.  He used about 4 different pair of scissors to cut my hair and he styled it perfectly.  Then took the time to show me alternative ways to wear it.  It was everything I had hoped for.  Honestly after he was done I felt like I needed a cigarette.

The crazy thing is that, while I loved that experience, I just find myself being too… oh let’s call it frugal (instead of cheap) to splurge on routine cuts and…

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