Top 4 Sports for Overall Fitness

The Lisgarwrite

By William Wu

Finally, after those harsh, cold months of sub -20 temperatures and relentless snowfall comes the long-awaited arrival of spring. Birds singing, snow melting, plants sprouting – it’s hard not to feel cheerful at this time of year!

With the rising temperatures, many animals are also beginning to emerge from their winter-long hibernations, including us humans. No more lazing around the house, watching sitcoms, and eating ice cream… spring is a great time to get into shape! Whether or not you are an aspiring athlete, or someone who has never played a sport in his life, fitness is something that we can all benefit from. So, without further ado, I present to you my fitness Top 4’s:

Top 4 Sports to Improve Overall Fitness:

These sports were hand-picked and ranked according to their ability to improve overall fitness, based mainly on cardiovascular ability and muscle strength. Factors considered…

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