Playful Plating with Luscious Greens

petite bites

My brother’s latest complaint has been that the memory card for our DSLR has been overloaded with my photos.  I dramatically put on my teary-eyed face and plead, “But… it’s such a difficult task, selecting the best one… help, please?”  I’m getting there… slowly.  I promise!  The next posts will increasingly exemplify the beauty of spring and summer. Speaking of which, spring naturally inspires everything green.  A number of “foodies” and chefs scoff at the idea of creating dishes that highlight vegetables, which makes me question how they can call themselves lovers of food.  Now, while I do love my variety of salads, I also believe in being innovative with our green friends.  (Ladies, please do not put yourself through “salad only” or “no-carb” diets.)  A month ago, I took the liberty of running our kitchen operations and cooked up something on the whim–Gold (金) Gama [금가마], which pays…

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