Such is Wellness

Oils have more than just nutritional properties.  They also have beautifying and medicinal properties as well! Who woulda thought that these dense liquids that we commonly use to keep our eggs from sticking to our pan are useful for so many other ailments? Let’s take a closer look…

I’ve chosen a couple of my favourite oils and have provided some great uses for them. When choosing oils, always opt for unrefined (look for virgin/extra-virgin labels) and try to grab the ones that have been cold-pressed, expeller-pressed or centrifuged (this is the method of extraction).

Coconut Oil
My favie and commonly called a ‘miracle oil’, this guy is 90% saturated fat, 6% monounsatured fat and 3% polyunsaturated fat. It is extracted from the kernel or meat of mature coconuts. Apart from being one of the best oils to cook with due to its ability to be heated at very high temperatures and still…

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