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I’m not entirely sure what to call this healthy & tasty little experimental dessert! Perhaps ‘Prius’ because it’s a bit of a hybrid! Part apple crumble, part compote, part breakfast… it’s simply composed of 5 core ingredients – apple, cinnamon, coconut oil, manuka honey and (low sodium, low sugar) granola. Unlike apple crumble, this isn’t overpoweringly sweet, but thanks to the baked spices, it packs a serious flavour punch, and is on just the right side of subtle!

In the mind, ‘Baking’ can seem a seriously laborious chore (up there with changing the sheets and taking out the rubbish)… but this dish only involves chopping apples and then sprinkling/drizzling the remaining ingredients around. It’s baking for dummies, and I have found that it’s very hard to get wrong! Granola – yes it’s going to be a touch ‘sugary’, but I opt for most natural option – no refined sugar…

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