Day 1 Vegetarian

The Yogini Glow

Today marks day 1 of my vegetarian journey. I woke up and drank a cup of room temp alkaline water. I like the alkaline water, it tastes better than spring water to me. Besides it has healthy benefits:
1. It balances the Ph levels in the body.
2. Helps detoxify the bodies cells.
3. It’s very hydrating.
4. Improves the immune system.

For breakfast I had a cup of organic Greek yogurt. When I first started eating Greek yogurt I didn’t know what brand was superior to the rest. I had read things about different brands and decided I’d be safer sticking with organic. There are several brands but I really enjoy the Stoneyfield brand. (I am not affiliated in anyway with them nor am I being paid for this article) I just really like the options of flavors.
That held me over for about 2 hours. Yogurt and cheese…

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